2025 CincyCon Play to Win!

Thanks in part to Double Exposure's Envoy program we have large selection of Play to Win games.

Any badge holding guest can check out one of the many Play to Win games and try it at one of our Open Game Tables.

If you enjoy the game, when you return it, you can enter your name (and all players are eligible) to win that specific game. You can enter your name for any of the Play to Win games as many times as you wish (1 entry per player per time when it was checked out).

Our Play to Win Games will be given away on Saturday at around 10:00 PM Eastern time. You do not have to be present at the Drawing to win but you must claim any prizes before we close down Sunday at 5:00 PM Eastern. No prizes will be mailed out to winners. Any unclaimed prizes are considered donations and will be added to our Game Library or rolled into next year's Play to Win game pool.
We want to thank Envoy and each of the publishers for providing us great games!

You can check out Envoy at https://www.dexposure.com/envoy/

Check back for a full list of games at this year's show.




Todays Hours:
5p.m. - Midnight



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