OINK Reading OH Game Day

The Gamers of Ohio, Indiana, and Northern Kentucky
Our Single Day Game Days

Please come join us for our By Monthly one day gaming events at our club house located at:
423 Pearl Street
Reading OH, 45212

Up Coming Dates

  09/10/2022 10 AM thru 8 PM  
  11/12/2022 10 AM thru 8 PM  

Featured Events for the next OINK Reading OH Game Day

Rich Smethurst What a Tanker! Battle Khalkin Gol 1939! Japanese versus Russians!
John Leahy 28mm Terminator: War Against The Machines The Resistance plans on using some newly developed weapon systems to stop the Machines advance. Will they succeed?

Game will be using Wiley Games Bigger Battles.
Aaron Rucker Hellboy
Danny Meador, Chuck Fuller Chain of Command 20mm Chain of Command
Aaron Rucker Silver Bayonet 28mm Silver Bayonet
Shawn Swart Zombicide Zombicide Boardgame

Parking Map

423 Pearl Street, Reading OH, 45212

Admission is FREE to all Gamers of OINK members and just $5.00 for the entire day for all non-members

Preset games, Open gaming, and extra tables for carry in games available!

All types of gaming welcomed... Board Games, Card Games, Role Playing Games, and Tabletop Miniature Games

Super affordable Food and Drinks are for sale onsite
Any Questions please email:
Jim Fox at fox@foxminiatures.com
Or call his cell at 513-720-9828

See you there!


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